Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mate Yehuda Rural Food Festival 2013

The rural food festival at the villages of Mate Yehuda Regional Council is about home-cooked meals, small wineries and breweries. Some people just open their home and serve food in their garden. The wineries and breweries which lack visitor center open their doors wine/beer bottles. The Regional Council provides a list of the people participating in the festival and the special events taking place during this time.

We first visited the Farmer's market in Tzora village. The charm we found in this festival is the fact of it still being not very commercial, and thus preserving the authentic atmosphere. This village is also the home for the Samson brewery. The brewery was opened around three years ago and making homemade unfiltered beer.
Gidi Shalev from Shachar village presented his hot papers production.

From there we made our way to the Agur winery; a local winery which produces around nearly 30,000 bottles of four types of wine, and using their own harvest of the vineyard located nearby. 
The small visiting center which is opened most of the year only by appointment is located near the vineyard in beautiful garden.

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