From a Friday morning in the crowded Mahane Yehuda market to the quiet spring in the Judean mountains. From a hipster bar in the heart of the city to the sacred-most places in the history of human civilization. Opposite poles spinning at different orbits around the same location: Jerusalem. Jerusalem orbit is mainly about the city that we live at and love. About the surrounding region; near and far. The places we visit, events we find interesting and places we like.

About us:  We like to take pictures when we travel, and remember our experiences through them. The blog language is English because it is our common language, but it's not the mother tongue of neither of us.

Her: Just finished her master in Ecology. Between jobs and between decisions. Born elsewhere but raised in north of Israel.

Him: The foreigner eyes of the blog, knowing the land from the inside. Postdoc in Ecology and amateur photographer in his free time (if any...). He is also the author of El Batiburrillo Ordenado, bits and pieces of nothing and everything.

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